OBERR Hand Cleaning Cream

🇬🇧 OBERR Hand Cleaning Cream

  • It is effective in cleaning the hands from all types of grease, dirt, ink, glue and similar products in the working environment.

  • With its nice orange and lemon flavoured smell and preservatives in its structure, it nourishes the skin and does not cause drying and cracking. OBERR Hand Cleaning Cream is free of synthetic solvents and petroleum derived materials.


The area to be cleaned is rubbed with 3 grams of OBERR Hand Cleaning Cream and then washed with plenty of water. In the absence of water, after rubbing, it is wiped with a dry cloth or tissue paper.

Attention to the consumer

Please read the product instructions for use. Do not use for the cleaning of foodstuffs. Avoid contact with eyes, in case of contact, wash your eyes with plenty of water. Keep in a place where children cannot reach. Do not use it by mixing it with other cleaning materials. Our company is not responsible for damages caused by improper use.